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Our Prices

Choose the perfect massage therapy session to fit into your busy schedule. These can include a massage treatment, injury rehabilitation, self-treatment consultation... our mobile massage therapy sessions are shaped around you and your requirements!

30 Minutes

A perfect quick pick-me-up to relieve tired achey muscles


1 Hour

The ideal session for assessing and treating pain or injury


1 Hour 30 Minutes

For people struggling with stubborn aches & pains


Dry Needling

Medical acupuncture and targeted massage therapy treatment


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Our Bulk Discounts

Save money by booking multiple sessions in one go. There isn't any time limit for arranging your pre-purchased 1-hour treatment, so we can work at your own pace.

Get in touch today to discuss your options and payment can be made by bank transfer. These can also be bought as a gift for a friend, family member or lucky colleague!

SAVE £20

3 x 1 Hour Sessions usually £120


SAVE £40

5 x 1 Hour Sessions usually £200


SAVE £70

10 x 1 Hour Sessions usually £400


Five Star Review

“Julie fully [assessed] my movement and then went on to work absolute wonders on my back and neck, resolving the persistent headaches I'd been experiencing. Highly recommended.”