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Mobile Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapy

Being pregnant is a very special time in your life, however it isn’t without its challenges: Tiredness, heavy sore legs and cramping, lower back pain, mood swings and poor sleep.

We are fully certified and insured to treat you throughout any stage of your pregnancy journey. We will come to your home for your massage, so you don’t have to worry about travelling for an appointment. Your comfort and relaxation is our priority.

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How Massage Helps During Pregnancy

Improve your sleep quality.
Reduce anxiety levels.
Increase natural production of serotonin.
improve blood circulation.
Identify and treat joint pains.

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Reduce Stress and Ease Pain

Easing and treating sciatic nerve pain.
Relaxing tense muscles.
Ease headaches and migraines.
Reduce swelling in legs and ankles.
Prevent leg cramping.

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Five Star Review

“Julie fully [assessed] my movement and then went on to work absolute wonders on my back and neck, resolving the persistent headaches I'd been experiencing. Highly recommended.”