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Cupping as a technique has been used in massage therapy for hundreds of years, dating back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern societies. When performed properly, cupping therapy is a non-invasive and safe treatment for a wide range of short and long-term conditions.

What Happens During Cupping Treatment?

Traditionally, a candle would be placed on your skin and lit with a glass cup placed on top. As the fire goes out and uses all the oxygen in the cup, it creates a vacuum which suctions the skin.

We do not use fire, instead using a silicone cup that is squeezed to create the same suction effect. The silicone cups can stay on your skin in a single place for a few minutes, or can be pulled across the skin for an intense deep-tissue massage.

This can cause red circular marks on the skin that will fade shortly.

How Does Cupping Therapy Help??

The suction effect causes the blood vessels to expand and increases blood flow to an area of muscle. This can help with pain and inflammation, and facilitates the healing process by encouraging blood to the affected area.

Cupping therapy is particularly popular with athletes and sportspeople as it can aid in lymphatic drainage and can speed up injured or tired muscles. The practice came into the public eye when Michael Phelps competed in the 2016 Olympic Games with the signature round cupping marks on his shoulders.

If you are interested in including cupping therapy in your next session, get in touch today to discuss how we can tailor your appointment to best fit your needs.

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