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Sitting at a desk for hours each day can have a highly negative effect on the body. Many people unexpectedly working from home may not be prepared with ergonomic, back-supporting office chairs or desks at correct heights. This can result in back pain, neck tension and bad posture, which causes pain and disrupts your focus at work. Massage therapy can help this.

While many may believe that sports massage therapy sessions are only for athletes, in reality the majority of conditions we treat are not caused by serious sporting activity, but everyday aches and pains that we all experience at some point. Take a look at our 5 ways a massage therapy session can help improve your quality of life as an office or desk worker:

1. Reduce Pain

A soft-tissue massage can target areas of tension, and release the painful area. This can get rid of sore knots and relax tense muscles, allowing you to move easier. Take a look at all the options we offer to find the perfect treatment to address your areas of pain.

2. Fewer Headaches

The cause of many workplace headaches begins with excess tension in the neck and upper spinal area. By focusing on this area during you massage treatment session, we can prevent these tension headaches from occurring as frequently.

3. Prevent Lasting Damage

By treating back pain early, you can prevent the issues from turning into a potentially permanent problem. Chronic back pain is a serious, widespread condition and frequent, targeted massage therapy can ease troublesome areas before they worsen and become more difficult and complicated to treat.

4. Improve Mental Wellbeing

While massage therapy has massive physical benefits, it can also do wonders for relaxation, getting better sleep, and improving mental focus. A regular session, even just a 30-minute pick-me-up, can aid mindfulness and have positive effect on mental health.

5. Empower You to Help Yourself

We are passionate about empowering individuals to have the knowledge and confidence to help themselves. By booking in a massage therapy session with us, we will give you stretches and exercises for you to maintain your treatment between sessions.

If you are experiencing back pain and tension, get in touch and we can book in a session to begin your journey to feeling and living better.

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